Web Sites of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

ANKUZEM provides services to 15531 students with several programs. In this regard, it serves programs by different servers. The following table lists the web addresses of LMS by programs.




Web Site

Vocational College level programs,

Faculty level program

  • Tourism and Hotel Management Program
  • Banking and Insurance Program
  • Medical Documentation Support Personnel Program
  • Computer Programming Distant Learning Program
  • Judicial Services Support Personnel Program
  • Divinity Diploma Upgrade program


Graduate level Programs

  • Health Services Management Master Program
  • Informatics Master Program
  • Journalism Master Program
  • Social Services Master Program
  • Human Relations Master program


Certificate Programs

  • Project Cycle Management (PCM) program
  • E-Instructor Certificate Program
  • European Union Core Training and Field of Interests Program
  • Health Literacy program
  • Adult Assessment program
  • Technology and Innovation program
  • Sign Language Program
  • E-Assessment program
  • Preparation for Foreign Language Level (FLL) examination for English


Common Compulsory Courses of Undergraduate Programs

  • Undergraduate students of Ankara University can use the system for compulsory courses.


Courses Supported by e-Learning

  • Undergraduate students of Ankara University can use the system for courses supported by online learning.