Vision and Mision

Our Vision

Ankara University Distance Education Center (ANKUZEM) provides the implementation of instructional activities of vocational college level, undergraduate, and graduate level programs through the online instructional technologies. In this regard, ANKUZEM; contributes to knowledge share by supporting theoretical and practical instructional processes conducted through online instructional technologies, provides equal instructional opportunities for individuals, develops approaches and solutions towards satisfying equality of opportunities, and pioneers the determination of related policies. ANKUZEM aims to provide its own knowledge and experience gained during this process to national and international shareholders in a way that can be applied for their benefits.         

Our Mission

Graduating individuals, who comprehend their individual and professional roles in society and educational development, gain professional competence and ethical responsibility; utilize online instructional technologies for satisfying their effective and continuous improvement, consider the e-Learning as a way of life, adopt scientific thinking and work style.

  • Providing e-learning environments for students to discuss instructional and technical issues, to develop appropriate solutions, and to express their ideas freely,
  • Developing instructional environments that supports productivity and innovative thinking in technological perspective for the implementation of academic studies and knowledge share,
  • Supporting learners to adopt the lifelong learning and e-Learning culture,
  • Implementing technological environments that facilitates learners’ research processes, knowledge access, communication and interaction,
  • Planning and managing learning and assessment processes,
  • Conducting research related to e-learning processes through learning analytics and appropriate novel methods

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